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Water Filters

Ahdorma Water filters, purification and treatment presents the best water purification solutions to meet the ever increasing need of purified, clean, safe and hygienic drinking water. Ahdorma provides the best service and quality products such as water distillers, water softeners, water treatment equipment, Point-of-Entry, Point-of-Use filters, excellent Membranes, reverse osmosis and UV (Ultra Violet) systems apart from providing compatible replacement water filters and reverse osmosis membranes for the most famous brands in water filtration systems.

It is important to understand the need to use a water filter before investing in a particular water purification system. Basically, all water filters remove impurities from water by employing a chemical process, biological process or by creating a fine physical barrier. Such clean water derived from a water filter can be ideally used for: drinking, plant or farm irrigation, swimming pools and aquariums. Water filters are also instrumental in purifying the water and removing chemicals such as chlorine.

The presence of contaminants in unfiltered water poses a health risk to the youth apart from the increasing risk of developing cancerous growths. Odor and tastelessness are common characteristics associated with contaminated water. A water purifier removes such impurities giving you a healthy alternative to lead a healthy life.

Ahdorma provides a wide array of products to choose from among the best water filter, purification and treatment alternatives available in the industry. Browse through this site to know the various options you have and select the best water filter that is suitable to your needs. We ensure you will receive quality service and excellent products at all times.


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