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Water Treatment Systems

A water treatment system is primarily used to improve the quality of water by eliminating water borne contaminants and water quality problems. Water borne contaminants include: bacteria, chemicals, microbial pathogens, radioactive elements and toxic chemicals. Water quality problems that can be treated are: hardness, bad odor, undesirable color or taste.

Contamination of water is one of the key concerns that have led to increasing use of water purification and treatment systems. The risk of consuming contaminated water along with the harmful effects on health are primary reasons why installing a purification, treatment or filter system is a mandatory exercise to feel safe and secure about man’s biggest need and necessity.

Some commonly used techniques to treat and condition water are:

• Reverse Osmosis or Membrane Filtration
• UV (Ultra Violet) Treatment
• Distillation
• Water Softener or Cation Exchange
• Chlorination Disinfection
• Activated Carbon Filtration
• Oxidation Filtration

It is important to study the problems associated with the water source and choose a befitting water treatment system that solves all your water problems.

Ahdorma Water filters, purification and treatment presents the best water purification solutions to meet the ever increasing need of purified, clean, safe and hygienic drinking water. Ahdorma provides the best service and quality products such as water distillers, water softeners, water treatment equipment, Point-of-Entry, Point-of-Use filters, excellent Membranes, reverse osmosis and UV (Ultra Violet) systems apart from providing compatible replacement water filters and reverse osmosis membranes for the most famous brands in water filtration systems.


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